I have said it before and I’ll say it again… one of the best things to happen as a result of my appearance on Shark Tank has been the relationships I have made with fellow entrepreneurs from the show. I call them my “Shark Tank Pals” and they have supported me through some pretty rough times. We are there for each other to celebrate our triumphs and pick each other up when things don’t work out like we planned. They have helped me up more times than I can count. Some have become like family and I feel so lucky to have a network of such talented, fearless, creatively brilliant, ass kicking business rock stars.

My first Shark Tank Pal (STP) was Kiersten Parsons of Mod Mom Furniture. Kiersten was on season 2 with her modern toy box and made a “deal” with Robert Herjavec. I watched her episode over and over in preparation for the show and my intuition kept telling me to reach out to her. I would having this feeling that would say, “Call her. She will help you!” But the producers are really strict about you not talking to anyone about the show before your episode airs. My thought was… she signed the same contract I did. We might not be able to talk to people outside of Shark Tank, but surely we can talk to each other. So I called. She was kind enough to reply right away and made time for me to share her story. I cannot put into words how great it felt to talk to someone who had gone through what I had. I was in “silent mode” for 197 days (when I filmed my episode to when it aired) and it was killing me. I was really quite tortured by not being able to talk about it (I’m kind of a talker)! Kiersten gave me her time freely and we became instant friends.

Shark Bites Shelly Ehler

She told me her reality of the show and how her deal with Robert never closed and actually how he was a complete turd. He was supposed to give her $90K but after the show he never contacted her. She tried for 3 months to reach him and heard nothing. Eventually he wrote saying he wasn’t interested. Ahh the things you don’t see on TV while the whole world is worshipping the Sharks for helping so many entrepreneurs! Lol.

Hearing Kiersten’s story and sharing mine felt so good that I continued to reach out to other entrepreneurs from the show. I would just send them a quick message to see if they wanted to connect and I always heard from them almost instantly! Everyone was dying for someone they could talk to! Once I had a small group of Shark Tank friends, I decided to start a private Facebook group where we could all connect and support one another and we became “Shark Tank Pals”.

One such pal I met a few weeks after I aired. His name is Scott Jordan. We connected through a mutual friend and he wanted to know what my experience was like on the show because he was set to air in a few weeks. We had a great chat and became instant friends.

Scott had a very memorable episode where he told the Sharks, “You’re out and you’re out”. I loved it! No one stands up to the Sharks and I remember watching from home cheering him on.

Scott and I have met personally several times and have had many conversations about the realities of the show. What it is and what it’s not. He decided to write a book about the show to shed light on what it’s really like to be on Shark Tank. The truth. Not what you see on TV. I supported him completely and a bunch of our STP’s contributed their stories to make his book come to life. I am proud of him for doing so. Many people talk and talk about what they are going to do, but Scott makes it happen. Way to go pal!

Here is a link to his book titled Shark Bites. I am one of the featured entrepreneurs.  If you want to know what it’s like to be on the show or you have aspirations of doing so yourself, I highly recommend you read this book!!

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